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The Kettlebell Swing and Power Development

What is the purpose of a kettlebell swing?  The purpose is to develop power in a horizontal direction and link the force generated by the feet pushing into the ground up the legs and hips and up the core to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Delayed Muscle Soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs 12-24 hours after you performed a new exercise at too high of a volume or intensity that the body was not ready to handle. Can anyone relate to going for a random run with … Continue reading

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A Critical Review of CrossFit

CrossFit boasts a high intensity random circuit-like training program that “forges elite fitness”.  The hype and bravado of the crossfit cult is not just obnoxious but also defies all sensibility in the approach to training.  No doubt the intensity of … Continue reading

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Mindful vs. Mindless Repetitions

In regards to resistance training, practice doesn’t lead to perfect. There is a difference between practicing an exercise and practicing an exercise well.  The latter allows true neuro-muscular development.  For optimal muscular adaptations you must be aware of your body … Continue reading

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Plyometric Training: who needs it? when do you do it? how do you do it?

Plyometric exercise is a training technique that was designed specifically to improve an athlete’s ability to perform explosive power through manipulation of elastic properties of the muscle’s connective tissue and the muscle’s stretch reflex protective mechanism. Plyometric exercises are meant … Continue reading

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